Trains and Planes

I’ve been playing with trains in MS Train Sim (MSTS) and Trainz (TRS2004) for 6 years now, time for a small change.
For various reasons Don't tell anyone, the release of Rail Simulator last week was a bit of a dissapointment. This also helped my decision
I’m going to do more Flight Sim X (FSX) modelling and flying. I’ve always enjoyed flight sims over the years and as an added bonus, the new MS Train Sim is based on FSX.
I think I’ve settled in the Classic British flight sim forums as they seem to be the best fit with my area of interest – old stuff like my trains – anything after 1930 is too new Open-mouthed
I’m not sure what to use this blog for, but I’ll start it as a progress monitor for my FSX exporter for 3D Canvas Pro.
The state as of today is that I can export models with the same features as suppoerted within 3D Canvas, that is:
  • Material colour and specular shine
  • Animations
  • Texture Map with/without Alpha
  • Bump Map
  • Specular Map
  • Environment Map

The rest of the properties need an extra plugin to set the values. These will be stored against the material as a string property.

Along the way I have found that I needed to reverse all the animations and vertically flip the texture coordinates. It must be something to do with the max/gmax exporter being opposite to DirectX standard "right hand" coordinate system (which 3DC uses). The XtoMDL program must then compensate.

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