Mike Porters Tutorial

Mike Porter (http://portergraphic.spaces.live.com/) from the ACES team has started his rollingstock tutorial for MSTS2, using 3DS Max.
I thought I would take some of that information and re-run it with 3D canvas.
Unfortunately I don’t have the plans so I’m working a bit blind.
3DCanvas can be set to work in feet, but being a good "european" I prefer to stick with metric, the conversion is not difficult – and the computer will do it for you with the right tools Wink
I start the model by running my TS Engineer 3.0 plugin for 3D canvas Pro


Firstly I select a similar wheel format from the list on the right (Passenger Coach/EMU in this case) to give me 2 bogies.
I then fill in the boxes with the dimensions.

The plugin accepts input values like 40’8", 4′ or 20". It knows what system 3D canvas is set to and, in this case, converts the values to their metric equivalent.

I fill in the values for one bogie and use the copy button to set the other. I then fill in the main box dimensions and press the start building button.

2 Seconds later:


I usually save a copy of the settings I have used just incase I need to do it again or to build something similar.

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