Tutorial 1b

Keeping up with Mike 🙂
Just as a demo, I used the small images Mike posted to paint the inside of my model bounding box.
First I adjusted the material properties in 3DC so tha material ambient value is 100% – this means the material will ignore any lighting effects within the modelling tool. I currently have ambient light, two direction lights and one point light in the scene, which is the default when starting 3DC.
Next I load the image into the texture tab (second one from the left) by clicking on the image and selecting the file.


I can now use the paint brush tool on the right bar to fill the face with the image.

I repeated this process with the side and rear images.

For some reason the top view fill wouldn’t align with the display, so I used the alternative method of filling a face – which is generally more reliable than the paint tool.

First Select the face with the face selection tool (second from top on the right)

Align the display with the top view image – viewing down from above with the front to the left in this case.

Click on the fill operation in the operations panel on the left:


I also changed the display options to make it look a bit more like Max


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