Tutorial 3a – Deck and Chassis

On with a bit more model making. This time the decking and chassis.
First – study the plan and photos. Mike managed to get photos of the real thing, I also have a source of original photos for this particular model, including a few good colour (color Open-mouthed) schemes.
Looking at the plan it seems I need a central rectangle. I can then extrude out the sides of this rectangle twice to get the side decks and extrude the ends
to give me the front/rear platforms by the steps.
From the photos and plan, it looks like there is a chassis extending down to just above the wheels. The decking is probably very thin and there is a small (about 4") side plate around the edge.
For the decking I start by dragging a cube primitive onto the scene.
Check the hierarchy and may sure the new cube group is a child of the main group – this will help with accurate positioning later.
I right mouse click on the cube. Select "Scale -> To Size" and scale it to the size I need.
Right click again and select Properties. Change the X and Z coordinates for the group to 0. This should make the primitive central on the model if the hierarchy is correct.
Now in the perspective view, right mouse drag the decking to the correct vertical position (watch the side view pane)
To start the series of extrusions, hold down the Ctrl Key and select both sides of the box.
Click on the Extrude Operation button on the left menu
If you have the 3DC main panel set up to show the object history, you should now see a parameter adjustment panel for the extrude just below the operation buttons.
Make sure both option boxes are checked and adjust the extrude size by looking at the plan view pane.
Repeat the same procedure for the second width extrude.
Now with the 2 sides selects, hold down the Z key (to restrict movement) and use the scale tool in the side orthographic view (bottom right of the viewport) to add the angle by the steps.
Repeat the 2 extrudes for the ends of the cube.
Now I’m going to delete the vertical sides where the steps go down (8 faces in total) and all of the underside faces.
By running the DoubleSide operation on the whole object, I end up with a deck with 4" side sheets.
I now select a few of the underside faces. This can sometimes be difficult after running the double side operation (3DC bug) – an invert operation usually lets you select them.
We then extrude down about 0.5m (1.7ft) and there we have a very nicely shaped chassis and deck.
(A Consolidate operation will then reduce the polygon count a little)
The Cab comes next …..
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