Knuckle Coupler

I’m used to making chain link couplings for UK Steam rolling stock, but with the tutorial I thought I’d do a bit of research and experiment with a knuckle coupler.
I found some good drawings of an ARA ‘D’ type in a 1920’s cyclopedia of US steam (CD Rom from PI Engineering)
What an awkward shape! I’ve been working on and off for several days using boolean intersections and subtractions. Welding points where 3DC was not totally accurate, consolidating and optimizing.
I finally ended up with about 400 polys of coupler (Will probably aim for less in the final version) I suspect that’s not too bad considering some chain couplings I’ve made were similar poly counts.
It is probably worth the detail as that is part of the model that people tend to watch very closely.
I’m quite pleased with the result.
I can now add this to my library of parts….
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