Monthly Archives: January 2008

More Instant Art

When I first showed my Train Sim Engineer plugin to Adrian Woods and Pete Zahn of ACEs they used the phrase "Instant Art" to describe the generation of a few thousand polygons in a few seconds.
Here’s another plugin I’ve just written that also builds geometry.
On selecting a face, it takes 4 parameters, inset from the edge, height, width and number of facets
There is also an option for the type of object to be generated: rivet (cone) or nut (prism)
The result is a rivet or nut object at every corner, equidistant from the two edges that make the corner.


The same plugin can be run 3 times on the same face to produce washers, nuts and the bolt ends:


Lots of polys  Open-mouthed



 This one has only taken me a few evenings so far.

Coming along nicely at about 13,000 polygons at the moment.