Monthly Archives: June 2008

FSX Attach Tool for 3D Canvas

Another small step closer to full FSX support in 3D canvas. I now have a working attachment point editor.
I modelled it on the Microsoft version for gMax and 3DS, just so it looks similar to the screens in the SDK.

It has 2 modes of operation, selecting a face on an object will add a new attachment group and object on or above the face. Selecting an object will convert the group containing the object into an attachment.

All it does internally is create an XML string into a Group Custom field. This is then exported as PartData in the X file on export.


Adds the following XML to the new group containing the small purple pyramid in the image below.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?> <FSMakeMdlData version="9.0"> <Attachpoint name="attachpt_smoke"><AttachedObject> <Effect effectName="fx_SmokeStack2.fx" effectParams=""/> </AttachedObject></Attachpoint></FSMakeMdlData>


It still requires a little more work on validation but it works for now. This just leaves export of bone parameters in to the X file as the last major job – then it’s on to some proper testing.


Back from across the pond

I spent the last few weeks in Montreal and New York visiting family. No time for programming or 3D models but I did manage a little research.
I made it to the canadian rail museum Exporail. Lots of large (compared to UK) locos and an A4 class "Dominion of Canada" hidding in a corner of one of the sheds. In need of a little paint – here is a photo of the cab interior:
We drove from Montreal to New York with a stop at the Old Rhinebeck aerodrome – what a great collection.
It was a great shame I was too early for the weekly airshows, but I did get a small demo as they tested the Caudron which did a short hop along the field and back. What a fantastic sound that rotary engine made.