Monthly Archives: November 2008

Modelling tools

I do know how difficult it is to learn another 3D modelling tool when you are used to using one already – it takes a lot of effort to change and very few manage it.
Although I work with 3D Canvas I am always happy to promote other tools – for me, the production of good models is more important for the hobby than the tools used.
Mr 75027 (no one knows his real name Smile) has been writing an export plugin for FSX for the free XSI Mod tool- definitely worth keeping an eye on this.
I was a little saddened to learn that XSI has been bought by Autodesk a few weeks ago – they own 3D Studio and bought Maya last year, now XSI. I always get nervous when companies buy out competitors, Corel did it a few years ago and we lost a few good 2D paint packages.
If I can finish off the FSX aircraft tutorial Doug and I are writing before christmas, I may find some time to do a bit fo work on and FSX export (scenery objects only) for Sketchup.