Monthly Archives: June 2009

“Real” Modelling

Another slight pause in all my computer modelling while I get ready to go to the UK Model flying championships in August.
2 months to stock up on (build) catapault and chuck gliders for the kids and to finish off my rubber powered peanut Austin-Ball AFB1 for flying in the Barkston Heath hangers.
I was surprised there were not more chuck or catapault glider plans on the internet, so I scanned a couple from the July 1945 Aeromodeller and added them to my downloads section (

Catch the train or fly?

Since the release of Railworks the UK trainsim forums have been full of complaining posts about the Steam/Valve software used to install RW or register the DVD version.
To be honest, when I first came across Steam a couple of years ago I was horrified at the thought of how it worked and how invasive it could potentially be.
Even if it were the greatest rail simulator in the world I would never install Steam.
So that’s the end of my model trains?
No, I’ll just keep playing with my N-gauge layout, MSTS1 and the original Rail Sim 1 for a while.
Time to get back to flight simulators.
I am determined to finish a few aircraft for these sims and while my enthusiasm for trains is low, now would be the best time.
The BA Swallow is nearly there for FS9 and FSX. I just need to sit down and make a real effort on the panel and virtual cockpit.
My copy of X-Plane has also arrived. I’m impressed with the company, their efficiency and the dedication of its followers.
The file formats look simple and whats more, it seems to run really well.
Finding the time to play with it will probably be my most difficult problem.
It would be nice to be able to export the Fs9 and FSX models from 3D canvas to X-Plane as well.