Monthly Archives: September 2009

Busy with FSX but not Aircraft

In response to a request for an FSX modeller on the Classic British Flightsim forum I have had a short break from making aircraft and built about 30 static scenery models to be used on RAF bombing and testing ranges (Holbeach, Spadeadam, Tain and Wainfleet)

Mostly various shaped barrels on sticks but the rest were old soviet hardware.

The models were all textured to make the most of the scenery "batching" of draw calls in FSX SP2 by using exactly the same material options and sharing a single texture sheet among several models. This means that several hundred models get drawn in a single hit, hopefully making them very efficient.

Here are a few examples from Spadeadam. I’ve got a couple more to do then I’ll get back to finishing the BA Swallow.