Big and Small, Trains and Planes

It has been quite a while since I posted last. Recently, things have been hectic with summer holidays, an imminent change of jobs, the stress of grammar school entrance exams (for my daughter) , it’s time to settle down to some winter modelling.

Around mid April this year (2010) I finally completed a Decapod! for MS Train Sim. One of the most powerful steam locos that ran on UK rails, known as Big Bertha or the lickey banker. I seem to have temporarily lost enthusiasm for train sims (which I’m sure will return) in favour of small 1930’s aircraft.

Here’s big bertha and the latest flight sim model – Click to see the bigger picture.


MR 0-10-0 Big Bertha



POVray rendered Luton Minor

POVray rendered Luton Minor


Now which is bigger?

The loco and tender combined weighs in at 32,000 polygons (triangles drawn by the graphics engine), the Luton Minor aircraft is 35,000 so there’s not much in it.

Shhhhhh – don’t mention X-Plane to the MS Flight Sim community but I’ve also started writing a plugin for 3D Canvas Pro to export OBJ files for that simulator too. I have already added a selection of scenery models to the X-Plane download library.

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  • Stephen hembry  On 20/02/2011 at 4:50 pm

    Hi Paul

    I was delighted to read that you are writing an x-plane plugin for 3D Canvas, or should I say 3D Crafter?

    I have been hoping that this would be possible one day. I am developing a model and would love to make it available for both programs.

    From what I have seen X Plane 10 is going to gain a lot of ground on MS Flight.

    I presume you will wait until both X Plane 10 and MS Flight are released before finalising the plugins.

    Please keep us posted and many, many thanks for your hard work.



  • decapod99  On 22/02/2011 at 5:17 pm

    Thanks Steve,

    I did publish the X-OBJ9 plugin for 3DC 7.1.2 and 8.2 over on the amabilis forums, it worked well for static models.
    I ran out of spare time when I changed jobs recently but I’ll get back to it at some point (I hope) and add the animation part.

    Unfortunately the forum changed and lost the files so I’ll try and re-post them again soon.

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