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HMS Exmouth completed

I’ve put the completed Exmouth model on Shapeways. It’s not publicly visible there but it can be bought.

I’m intending to fully publish it along with one or two other cod war models in the same print. This will reduce the overall cost per model.

If you’re really keen to get this model by itself then the link is below BUT I’ve not done a test print version yet so Shapeways may reject it if there are any parts that don’t meet the material criteria – I’ve done enough of these to think it should print but they usually find something.
If this does happen then I shall correct almost as soon as I get the notification (usually within a few hours)

This link takes you directly to the private sale page (sale price varies according to taxes at your location)


The Cod Wars – Exmouth takes shape

After a few evenings work, the ASW frigate HMS Exmouth is starting to emerge….


The Cod Wars 5

After fixing the file from the last attempt, by making some of the parts thicker, I managed to “break” the model. The stern structures on the trawlers became separate parts so they would have broken off instantly.

The file has now been fixed and it should print this time.

Direct link to Set 2:

I have also produced a set containing just the trawlers if anyone is interested in those.

Direct Link to 1/1250 Trawlers

The Cod Wars 4

Getting there slowly – first attempt at getting set 2 printed failed (as usual). It usually takes a couple of e-mails to the shapeways service desk to encourage them to print small parts.


Painting progress on Tyr…


A bit “blobby” at the moment but should clean up OK.

Those trawlers are a tad small and even more blobby 🙂


The Cod Wars 3

I’ve been promising to add a second set of models to Shapeways. We’re missing the gun boat Odiin and a british stern trawler.

I’ve done a mod to Tyr to make Aegir – slightly different foredeck and two cranes.


Odinn – new model


I had the stern trawler finished a few days ago but a program fault on saving the final model caused me to lose the file . No recent backup and file recovery tools failed to find it (nearly cried).

Getting back in shape with a new model now – slightly quicker this time around.

Stern Trawler

That will do for set 2 (2 gunboats and 3 trawlers). I have had several requests for other models such as Star Aquarius and a few RN frigates, so it looks like this project may continue for some time 🙂

The Cod Wars 2

All going well so far, Shapeways started printing the models.

It took them a week to say that they couldn’t print the models as some parts were too small for the material – you have to follow their material guidelines

I tweaked the model to make some parts larger and about a week later, these arrived:

Baldur – a converted stern trawler:

The Lloydsman – a large ocean going tug.

A few Trawlers

Icelandic Gunboat – Tyr (only one crane, her sister ship Aegir has 2)

All together:

When FUD (Frosted Ultra Detail) models arrive from shapeways they are covered in an oily substance and need cleaning before any paint will stick.

FUD will handle 85C max so I put washing detergent into a pint glass. Quarter filled with cold water and topped up with boiling water.

Each model was dropped in, stirred for a couple of mins then removed, rinsed and left to dry overnight.

There still seemed to be some oil on the surfaces so I had another go. This time I brushed on some “Flash” first then dropped in hot water with detergent as before.

A much better result this time, good clean surfaces.

A coat of humbrol satin varnish was next. I use varnish as it sticks well to the resin, provides a good base for the paint and dries very thin so not much detail is lost.

Painting next…

The Cod Wars

Someone sent me a message via the Shapeways website a few months ago, asking if I’d like to make some models to go with a set of wargame rules for the Cod Wars (actually written by someone I had previously come across on the Wings of War forums.)

I can vaguely remember this from my childhood (history here) The relationship between the UK and Iceland got quite frosty.
There are also a few good videos on youtube that give a good impression of what was happening at the time.

I like a challenge and it sounded vaguely interesting.

So, after a bit of research, I made a few 1/1250 scale models.

With the ships being quite small (5-6cm long) and the Frosted Ultra Detail material being quite expensive I decided to cut down the handling fee shapeways charge for each model by combining 6 into a single “print”.

(Click on the image above to go directly to the shapeways page)
This gave us a British tug, 3 trawlers and a couple of Icelandic Gun boats, Tyr and Baldur