The Cod Wars 2

All going well so far, Shapeways started printing the models.

It took them a week to say that they couldn’t print the models as some parts were too small for the material – you have to follow their material guidelines

I tweaked the model to make some parts larger and about a week later, these arrived:

Baldur – a converted stern trawler:

The Lloydsman – a large ocean going tug.

A few Trawlers

Icelandic Gunboat – Tyr (only one crane, her sister ship Aegir has 2)

All together:

When FUD (Frosted Ultra Detail) models arrive from shapeways they are covered in an oily substance and need cleaning before any paint will stick.

FUD will handle 85C max so I put washing detergent into a pint glass. Quarter filled with cold water and topped up with boiling water.

Each model was dropped in, stirred for a couple of mins then removed, rinsed and left to dry overnight.

There still seemed to be some oil on the surfaces so I had another go. This time I brushed on some “Flash” first then dropped in hot water with detergent as before.

A much better result this time, good clean surfaces.

A coat of humbrol satin varnish was next. I use varnish as it sticks well to the resin, provides a good base for the paint and dries very thin so not much detail is lost.

Painting next…

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