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The Cod Wars – 6.1

Just a quick note to say Set 3 is now ready for printing…


The Cod Wars 6

Just a few pics of the partially painted sets 1 and 2 together.

Going to Salute this weekend to see the cod wars game run by Dave Manley using some of these models.

British Trawlers and the Lloydsman Tug – These are only partly finished, still a lot of tidying up to do on the paint jobs.

Trawler Fleet Trawler Fleet

The gunboats – I’m particularly happy with how Odiin came out. Odiin,  Aegir Baldur and Tyr below:

Iceland Iceland

A 3rd set containing Exmouth, Baldur again (for use as Ver), Star Aquarius and Star Polaris is on it’s way soon.