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MDL file viewer

Getting closer to displaying an FSX MDL file, just a bit more work needed to sort out the matrices from the scene graph….     Advertisements

File Downloads

My free Brinkster website ( keeps running out of bandwidth so I’m putting some of the files in the download area here (left hand colum on this page)   A copy of my plugins for 3D Canvas 7.1.2 is there along with a few other files. There’s an old beta copy of the FSX sparrowjet there too but a […]

The Ghostly Teapot!

Now one of the “small” contributions I made to the Train Sim community was a little program I wrote called Shape Viewer. This was made up from a few modular components, a 3D viewport, MSTS model loader and Trainz Model loader. These were then embedded in a standard windows form which added extra functions such as […]