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Catching a new train

The new kid on the block
With all the discontent with Rail Sim/RailWorks it was only a matter of time before something like this happened.
A free, open, community led train simulator.
Still very early days but the team is building up and almost all of the comments on the forums have been positive – so far….
Let’s see how far we can get this project – I’m glad to say I’m part of the development team so I’ll have some input.

DeHavilland 4 pilot account

While reading through a few of the old Aeromodeller mags my dad gave me, I came across a single page written in 1944 by a DH4 pilot from 1917. As a bit of a test I scanned it and used a bit of OCR software to turn it into a PDF document.


An interesting little read.

“Real” Modelling

Another slight pause in all my computer modelling while I get ready to go to the UK Model flying championships in August.
2 months to stock up on (build) catapault and chuck gliders for the kids and to finish off my rubber powered peanut Austin-Ball AFB1 for flying in the Barkston Heath hangers.
I was surprised there were not more chuck or catapault glider plans on the internet, so I scanned a couple from the July 1945 Aeromodeller and added them to my downloads section (