Monthly Archives: July 2008

3DCanvas FSX Export Test

I have been progressing the FSX export plugin to make sure all the material options work. It’s slow progress but I’m getting there.

I have added attachment point support (for effects etc) and have nearly finished support for skin/bone animations.

3D Canvas users should end up with almost the same options available as 3DMax users.

Here are a couple of images to wet the appetite. From left to right the materials are:

  • Solid (specular)
  • Gloss
  • Glass
  • Chrome
  • Bloom (I didn’t have bloom turned on in the sim)
  • Scaled detail map
  • Specular map
  • scaled bump map
  • bump map with transparency
  • small steam effect added as attachment

Some problem with the translucency as I turned on Z-writing for the material. Click for larger images: