Monthly Archives: February 2011


3D Canvas has had to be renamed to 3DCrafter after another company claimed the name. Richard didn’t want the legal battle/costs so he’s changed all references to Canvas to Crafter to keep the 3DC abbreviation.

Unfortunately that means older versions are no longer available to download (or you could look in my Skydrive downloads for 7.1.2 which was the most reliable version prior to 3DCrafter)

3DCrafter 8.2.4 (and now 8.2.5) seem reasonably stable now and can be downloaded here :

There is also a link to the latest compilation of my plugins and scripts on that thread.

My current X-Plane exporter for 7.1.2 is downloadable from here, the 3DCrafter 8.2 version is included with my plugins pack from or my skydrive folder in the links section of this blog.
(Read the rest of the thread for info on how to use it)