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A Solid Model – 3D printing

A logical step from trains and planes – boats.

Many years ago a group of us played modern naval wargames with 1/3000 models (well modern in the 1980’s). Someone recently mentiond having another go and using 1/1250 scale. The trouble was Soviet ships were difficult to find.
Then we started talking about Shapeways.
They take uploaded 3D model files and print them in acrylic. They’re based in Holland and NY.

I had a go – here’s a Kresta 2 Cruiser rendered by 3D Crafter (took quite a few evenings work to get to this point)

I exported the model as an STL formatted file, uploaded to Shapeways
A couple of weeks later and a few pounds less in the wallet and these arrived – the Cruiser is 12cm long

The frigate was one of mine too (6cm long)

Wonderful to see your virtual creations made into real solid objects.
The box behind the missile launcher below is 1.5mm square and 1mm high